Boost Energy and Live Your Best Life with the World's Most Sacred and Nutrient-Dense Foods

Learn the framework I use for approaching any organ meat with confidence – even though I didn’t grow up eating offal! – to safeguard our health, keep my energy high, and win over picky eaters in the short time I have for making dinner


Get ready to approach any organ meat with confidence so that you can truly nourish yourself and your family

- add energy, mental clarity and vitality so that you can live your best life!

My name is Janine and I'd love to see you in my FREE WORKSHOP

What you'll learn in this Workshop

  • KNOW WHAT ALL THE HYPE IS ABOUT - even if you are unsure if organs are for you - you’ll learn what nutrient-density means, how organs stack up, and why it matters for you and your family
  • ​HOW TO COOK ANY ORGAN - take the guesswork out of cooking any organ and see why Ashlee, mom of 4, said “It’s’ been incredibly empowering and a huge confidence boost. Having a better understanding of each organ and its respective cooking technique for palatability, huge win.”
  • THE #1 MINDSET HACK YOU NEED to overcome your own squeamishness, picky eaters, limited time and tricky sourcing

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